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About Tankinetics

Midwest Location, Highly Experienced Staff
Tankinetics’ operations and manufacturing personnel are highly experienced in the engineering, design, manufacture, installation, and servicing of FRP Composite equipment. Several have over 30 years of industry experience.

Tankinetics operates a very modern facility, centrally located in the Midwest in Harrison, Arkansas. Our location enables us to ship equipment up to 15 feet in diameter across the nation.

Patented Manufacturing Processes
For installations requiring vessels, duct, and stacks above 15 feet, we offer an innovative process that was developed and patented by Tankinetics in 1975 called “ring oblation.” Cylinders up to 60 feet in diameter are manufactured in our permanent facility, ring oblated to mathematical models, and shipped to the field for assembly by Tankinetics crews. To date, 450 vessels have been manufactured using this process.

If the cylinders are 60 feet in diameter or greater, or are too tall for ring oblation, Tankinetics mobilizes a temporary plant and field winding machinery for field manufacturing of equipment. Vessels to 82’6” diameter have been produced by Tankinetics and are in service today.

The machinery and tooling is designed to wind long and tall FRP cylinders such as chimney liners and outlet duct.

Custom Engineered Products
All projects are custom engineered, utilizing the latest tools to include the technical requirements and be compatible with the tooling, equipment, and processes that will be utilized to manufacture the engineered product. This enables us to offer the most seamless and cost effective product that we can.





3923 Duncan Drive P.O. Box 1195
Harrison, Arkansas 72602
Phone: (714) 270-6467

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