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Mobility Containers

Our field-proven fiberglass Modular Mobility Containers provide storage and rapid deployment of spare parts, supplies and tools. They are designed to stack and fit on standard military cargo pallets (463L) used in military transport aircraft.

These heavy duty Modular Mobility Containers are manufactured in the USA and are available for worldwide shipment with short lead-times.

Modular Mobility Containers
Modular Mobility Containers

Quality Construction Features

Design Features

The design and construction of Tankinetics Mobility Containers consist of a one-piece molded fiberglass shell that is laminated with reinforcements in the load bearing and impact areas. The container top is detailed with raised sections, which index when stacking with those of the same base dimensions. Each container is equipped with six internal shelf tracks, which provide adjustable self-mounting in one inch vertical increments. Each shelf will support up to 650 pounds of uniformly distributed weight.

Mobility Containers

A flush fiberglass double-door system is mounted on continuous hinges and has a rubber seal to provide weather protection. Doors are secured by a recessed, heavy pattern handle to engage a cam-hook closing mechanism, which includes provisions for securing the container with a padlock or security seal.

The container base incorporates steel tineway enclosures for front and back forklift entry, as well as wheel mounting plates at each corner. Optional equipment are four (4) heavy duty, removable swivel wheels, which permit the container to be pushed or towed at slow speeds on paved surfaces. The wheels are easily removed by disengaging a spring lock and sliding them out of the mounting plates. To facilitate handling, moving, tie-down and hoisting, swivel ring fittings are installed at four (4) or eight (8) locations (dependent on container size).

Long-term finish durability is assured with the color molded into the fiberglass surface. Exterior metal hardware is finished by a baked-on epoxy powder coat, which is close to indestructible. Standard color is Forest Green Semi-gloss, per color chip number 24052 of FED-STD-595. Other colors are available on a special order basis.


Tankinetics Modular Mobility Containers, with the same base dimensions, are designed and constructed to be stacked for storage or transportation purposes.

Stacking is accomplished by placing containers with the same base dimension on top of each other; the indexing/stacking features of one container base mates with those on another container top.

The Tankinetics Modular Mobility Containers are designed to be stacked in a modular arrangement on the 463L pallet system. Utilizing the full effective pallet area of 84" (2.13m) x 104" (2.64m) and stacked up to 90" (2.29m) high.

One pallet load of Mobility Containers will support a gross weight of 10,000 pounds (4,500 kg) and is secured to the pallet using a standard military netting system (HCJ15C and HCU7E).

Quality Assurance

Quality is assured by the fact that Tankinetics has manufactured and shipped over 25,000 of these Mobility Containers to installations throughout the world.

The Tankinetics quality control system meets the requirements of MIL-I-45208A. These containers have passed a severe qualification program for the U.S. Government performed by an independent testing laboratory.

Dimensions and Capacities

The Tankinetics Modular Mobility Containers are available in four (4) sizes and capacities:

Part Number
National Stock Number
Container Size
W x D x H
Max Gross
84" x 42" x 60"
2.13 x 1.07 x 1.52m
540 lbs.
245 kg.
2,700 lbs.
1,225 kg.
84" x 42" x 30"
2.13 x 1.07 x .76
370 lbs.
168 kg.
1,300 lbs.
590 kg.
62" x 42" x 60"
1.57 x 1.07 x 1.52m
450 lbs.
204 kg.
2,000 lbs.
907 Kg.
62" x 42" x 30"
1.57 x 1.07 x .76m
315 lbs.
143 kg.
1,000 lbs.
454 kg.
Test Data

Mobility Containers of this design have been subjected to mechanical, handling, environmental and functional tests while loaded with an appropriate payload. These tests are described in the following paragraphs.

Drop Tests
a. Cornerwise Drop (Rotational) Test - In accordance with method 5005 of
Federal Standard 101 at minus 40°F, 70°F and 140°F.
b. Edgewise Drop (Rotational) Test - In accordance with method 5008 of
Federal Standard 101 at minum 40°F, 70°F and 140°F.
c. Vibration Test - In accordance with method 5019 of Federal Standard 101.
Mechanical Handling Tests
a. Forklift Handling Test - In accordance with method 5011 of Federal
Standard 101 procedure 6.2.
b. Hoisting with Sling Test - In accordance with method 5011 of Federal
Standard 101, procedure 6.3.2.
c. Pushing Test - In accordance with method 5011 of Federal Standard 101,
procedure 6.5.
d. Towing Test - In accordance with method 5011 of Federal Standard 101,
procedure 6.6.


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Harrison, Arkansas 72602
Phone: (714) 270-6467

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